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Specialized online fitness coaching for women who want the energy, strength, and confidence to live a fulfilling life.

Is your lack of energy or fitness stopping you from doing the things you dream of?

Tired of sitting on the sidelines while others have fun? Do you fear the pains and drudgery of a fitness program? Does the thought of joining a gym scare you?

You are not alone! I know how intimidating the fitness world can be for a woman, especially when you are just starting out.  The key to making it less scary is to find something that works for YOU.

I started Higher Level Fitness to provide women a place to feel comfortable and have fun with exercise.  My programs meet you at your level.  I teach you how to move safely and challenge you in fun and effective ways.  Together we’ll uncover your unique strengths and help you reach higher than you ever thought possible.

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How To Get Started

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Together we’ll review what success looks like for you and how to get there.

Start Your Personal Fitness Journey

Implement your customized program through virtual training sessions.

Get Active and Feel Confident

Build energy, strength and confidence to lead the life you want to live.

Let me help you create your success story!

Whether you are just starting out or have tried other fitness programs in the past… make this the last time you start again.

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